Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Torah: It's *always* Mother's Day!

Mother's Day has come and gone.

And while I appreciate the gesture, I really feel that we have the obligation to honor our moms (and dads too) all the time, every day.

And while I know how much of a break most moms need, why do they only get it one day of the year, and why do we celebrate motherhood by spending time away from the kids?

And yes, we all have a mom. And yes, we all made someone a mom. So it seems like a rather benign holiday, right? Until things like this. Why is there some insistent need of the media to classify parents in certain ways? Why can't they accept families as they are and want to be, why do we need to create a hierarchy of mom-ness? I am really horrified by this crazy story, horrified that someone approved this project, that someone could really be so ridiculously out of touch with the ways that families are created. ("Adopting mom"? "chairman of everything mom"? Who are these people!?)

One of the problems with mom-land is the "competition"...you know: "my kid is reading at a third grade level..." "well, little Johnny has already completed his black belt..." etc... Perhaps it's one of the things I love and appreciate about the blogosphere -- we are not afraid (most of us) to post our kids successes and failures, we are not afraid to talk about our own successes and failures.

Being "supermom" isn't necessary out here. We can just be ourselves.

And you know what? We are enough.

What's your Torah this week?


Robin said...

I couldn't believe that major players like NBC and Teleflora would be such utter and complete morons to have come up with something as offensive as calling an adoptive mother a non-mom, and then lumping them in the same category as the neighbors! I'm horrified and offended myself, and I'm not an adoptive mom. I'm a mom, plain and simple, just like they are. The public "apology" didn't go nearly far enough in my opinion. I really hope several people got fired over this. Whoever came up with this assinine idea doesn't deserve to come anywhere near a position with the potential to shape public opinion!

Maude Lynn said...

"Non-mom?" Not only is that totally offensive, it's incredibly stupid!

Vered said...

One of the things I LOVE about the blogsphere is the honesty. One of the bloggers I follow actually posted a list of the things she is doing all wrong as a mom for mother's day. I thought it was hilarious, and really appreciated her honesty.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. But I'm just afraid that there's not "enough" to being "enough" so that it will ever catch on "enough."

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media is grating on my nerves more and more everyday. The non-Mom thing... for heaven's sake! It's not even logical.

Anonymous said...

Love this. No surprise :)

Here's mine: http://rivster.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/what-dreams-may-come/

And I would love to see that list, Vered!!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Nicely said. I'll never be supermom and don't really want to, considering it would suck me dry, and what kind of example would that be for kidlet?

Batya said...

We all do the best we can, and then we realize that our mothers did their best, even when imperfect.

On another note, I really appreciate that my cousins give my mother, now the family matriarch, such great respect, even sending her mother's day cards and taking my parents out. (I'm in a different country.)

Stacy said...

Another great post. I read the article on that contest and what a bunch of tripe! That is an afront to adoptive moms, who are moms in every sense of the word. I also think it is always mother's day, too. BUT, I really don't mind those days off. ;)

PunditMom said...

Wouldn't that be nice if we all just accepted that moms are moms, or, better yet, families are families, and stopped all the labeling?

Thanks for the link!