Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things That Make Me Giggle and Clap

Can you see that really cute little graphic above?

Now, go and look at the top of your screen, or the tab in Firefox or IE, and you will see that same little cute graphic (can you tell that it's my shoes from my blog header?) next to the name of my blog!!!!

It's called a favicon and I have wanted one for a while. But it was too hard to get Blogger to do it.

Then I came across this great blog called Blogger Buster and let me tell you, it rocks.

In this post about favicons, Blogger Buster Queen (Goddess?) Amanda tells you how to make it work in Blogger. And so I did it! (Then I shared with my husband, who agreed that it's cool. Big praise! For the big test: What do you think, Dad?) Personally, I giggled and clapped.

While we're on the subject of Blogger (which I'm quite content using, by the way), Blogger Buster is also running a cool contest.

Blogger Buster Competition Announcement

Since I've never been shy about making my say, here's the feature I want from Blogger:
A simple, easy-to-use method for backing up my blog, for exporting all my posts and comments into an off-line site so that my paranoia about losing all my work on my blog can end. Please?

(Because this is the current method that Blogger recommends for backing up your blog. And it sounds scary and awful. No thank you. I'll stick with paranoia about losing it rather than actually doing the losing on my own!)

Oh, and numbered comments would be nice too. But I'll go with my first wish.

There. I've put it out there. And you can too -- go to the Blogger Wish List or visit Blogger Buster for your own chance to enter this competition and have your say!

What would you change about Blogger?


Five Places I've Been This Week:

Cottage Cheese Roast (sounds weirdly yummy)

Honey-Baked French Toast
(I'm on a cooking kick, obviously. This was made for Shabbat morning in honor of "land of milk and honey" in this week's Torah portion. It was so good.)

Wordle - I think this looks so cool but I can't get it to work, keeps crashing in both Ffox and IE. What's up!?

Official Jewish Tartan - kippah tip to Susan

Ephraim's Crossword Puzzle Pointers - kippah tip to my mom

from my - where have you been?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! isn't showing up in the IE tab. Hm...why is that???

Robin said...

Very cute, but I can't see it (in IE) either.

I did go vote on the Blogger features post though - I want easier simpler backups, a way to e-mail commenters, and no more automatic resizing of photos to microscopic sizes!

Anonymous said...

I can see it. Cool! I have a Mac.

Phyllis Sommer said...

ack! you're all right. it doesn't work in IE. i checked a few other sites, some favicons work in IE and some don't. wonder why that is!?

Anonymous said...

I tried to do the same and... failed miserably.

John Sklar said...

Mine works but I load it from the web...

Try and


Amanda Kennedy said...

Thank you for your entry to the Blogger Wishlist Competition Phyllis :)

I've added your entry to the list of entrants and wish you the best of luck for the draw on Friday!

Just to let you know about the Favicon in IE6 issue: I think the problem many are experiencing is due to the security settings in IE (or possibly antivirus/firewall settings). I'm looking into this and will update the favicon post with details as soon as I'm sure of the proper method to help display in this browser.

Best wishes and thank you,