Monday, June 30, 2008

It's camp time!

As I said yesterday, we are off to Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute, an incredible camp in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. It truly is an amazing place filled with kids celebrating summer and embracing Jewish life.

Here's what we brought last year to camp...

This year we managed to do it in ONE minivan...with just a teensy help from a friend in her car along the way.

We brought....
- 1 minivan
- 1 pack-n-play
- 1 computer (mine is...ack! the shop
- 1 printer
- 1 camera
- clothes for 5 people
- 5 shower towels
- 5 beach towels
- toothbrushes
- 6 new BPA-free water bottles
- 1 box full of books for me to use with campers
- 1 box full of books for my kids to read
- 3 boxes of toys (1 per kid)
- 3 blankets
- 5 pillows
- swimsuits for all of us (I hope)
- something like 10 pairs of shoes

I'm sure there are many more things stuffed into these two rooms with us, but by and large, we went light this year! I think that each year it will get easier as we have to pack less and less extraneous things and can just bring the kids, the clothes, and the bedding. Right? I'll keep you posted on that progress....>>>laughing<<<

So check back often for some dispatches from camp, and hopefully some nice pictures if the weather holds up!

See ya on the camp side...


Vered said...

Hve fun!

I think that the older kids get, the less you have to bring. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a great time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Harry said...

Wow, I´m sitting here in Madrid and I´m actually jelous of you sis. I wish I could be working at camp again. Best summers of my life. Big hugs to the kids!