Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Rabbi Watches YouTube

As I indicated once before, I'm starting an infrequent (read: whenever I feel like it) series called "What Rabbis Do" or something catchy like that.

Right now, what I'm doing is enjoying this post about the Four Questions by Hadassah. She is looking for the Mah Nishtanah in multiple languages, which is such a fun activity. There's a wonderful book of 300 Ways to Say the Four Questions, which are an integral part of the Passover Seder. My favorite one in there is Pig Latin, which I think is perfect on so many levels for a Jewish event!!!

What I am also doing, and this is key to any good modern rabbi's life, is browing through YouTube for all the funny new Pesach videos so that I can be the first to share them with you.

Like this one:

or this

or this one...

Have you found anything great on YouTube lately?
How's your Pesach Prep going? The cold winter-like weather is not putting me quite the right mood yet!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the guy talking on his cell phone during the seder in the Bubbe rap video.

Anonymous said...

you missed the best one!

20 things to do with matzah!!

thanks for the link!
chag sameach!