Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Throwing a Party? While Preparing for Pesach?

It does seem like a crazy idea to throw a party in the midst of preparing for Pesach.

Then again, the house is on its way to being very very clean.

So why not?

Plus, it's a virtual party. Which helps a lot.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

So I've decided to throw my kippah in the ring, too, so to speak, and sign on to the Ultimate Blog Party 2009.

I do love a good party.

Now...what should I wear?
Will you be there too?


Leora said...

I took a peek. 5000 people sounds like too many people to me. But I do like their graphic.

How about a pre-Pesach madness blog party?

The nice thing about online blog parties is you can wear your PJs.

Anonymous said...

Can you ask someone at the party why there is an apostrophe in "mom's" - or would that be bad party etiquette?

Phyllis Sommer said...

i think the apostrophe is because the site is called "5 minutes for mom" and it's their party...
but yes, i hate extra apostrophes too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that actually makes sense!