Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Planning...

My almost 9-year-old (it's coming up....I can't believe he's almost 9) decided that he wanted an Ipod Touch.

To me, this seemed a little bit of an extravagance. After all, he has access to almost every video game system available (my husband, bless his heart, loves them). So what did he need with a fancy ipod?

But I didn't say no. I told him to go ahead and save his own money.

And he did. He started saving, and the money slowly added up.

Then, it came time to plan his birthday party...and he couldn't decide what he wanted. We gave him many choices, all fun and interesting ideas. But nothing seemed to thrill him.

Then I had a brilliant idea. I offered a trade - I could make him a birthday party, the kind that we always make, or I could give him $100. I did not try to sway him either way - in fact, I wasn't totally sure what I thought about the idea.

And after some deliberation, he chose the money over the party. And he's even closer to his goal.

I think I got off easy.

What do you think?
Thanks to my dad for the picture.

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Elizabeth Wood said...

1) I cannot believe your little nugget is 9 years old. I, for one, am NOT old enough for him to be nine :)
2) I think it's a GREAT thing you're doing - teaching him that if he wants something badly enough, he has to earn it - it doesn't just get handed to him. And, he might even have to make some sacrifices to get closer to his goal.
What better birthday present is there than the value of a truly important life lesson?!?!
3) Give him a bday hug from me!!!

<3 Auntie Liz