Monday, November 22, 2010

Odd Nesting Behavior

They say that pregnant women "nest" when they're getting close to having a baby.

Some of the odd nest-like things I've found myself doing:
- cleaning out the car (and being frustrated that the car wash was closed on a rainy day. I didn't care about the outside, just wanted a good inner vacuum/scrub! Can't they understand that?)
- becoming slightly obsessed with organizing things, like putting the photo albums in order by date.
- ruthlessly dispensing with anything that remotely seems like it might be ready for the "donation" bin, including any piece of maternity clothing that doesn't quite cover my belly any more.
- stocking up on things that seem like they'll be good to eat after the baby comes
- waking up in the middle of the night and wondering what else I've forgotten to do...and of course, remembering that once the baby comes, those things can still get done.

I'm normally a pretty neat and tidy person, but sometimes I think this gets a little ridiculous. After all, when I went into labor with my first-born, I wouldn't let us leave for the hospital until we had made the bed.

And my sweet hubby obliged me.

(And then made fun of me for the past 9 years about it.)


Anonymous said...

That's not odd. I went through a similar sort of thing during the Days of Awe this year - and I'm not pregnant. Maybe it's just a human nature tendency to take a look at things during times of transition or approaching transition?

Miriam said...

No not odd at all. I was the same way before my son was born. I was scrubbing, knitting, cleaning out the car....B'sha'ah Tova!

Rebecca said...

My water broke (with my second), and I made DH help me strip the bed, get the sheets into the washer, and remake it with new sheets before we left for the hospital. I didn't want my folks (who were coming over to watch the first child) to have to deal with the mess.