Tuesday, November 2, 2010


"Wow, are you sure there's only one in there?"


"You look like you're ready any minute!"

Nope. I'm not ready cuz the baby's not ready. When the baby's ready, I'll know...that will be called labor. Until then, I'm here and enjoying every minute of this pregnancy.

Thanks to my dad for this great photo!
And aside from the look on Yael's face in this picture, which is totally priceless, all the kids are super-excited for the baby's arrival.

And may that arrival be in its own and best time.


Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

You look fabulous. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy with your gorgeous family.

Robin said...

You look fabulous dahling! The look on Yael's face is priceless, whatever the actual story behind it :).

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Elle said...

I have no idea why people always say "are ya sure there's only one in there!?" or "are ya sure you're not having twins?" whenever they see a mom in their last trimester. My guess is b/c rarely is any women shown on tv past 7 months pregnant. *shrug* i think that people must forget that to grow a baby, you also have to grow a belly ;)

Sara said...

I am most impressed by the fact that you appear to be wearing shoes you actually had to tie. That is no small feat at 9 months pregnant.

As for me, I just stopped looking in the mirror at about 8 months. Denial is sometimes not such a bad thing.

You look great! And really, a baby inside is WAY easier to care for than a baby on the outside, so enjoy these last days of pregnancy as much as you can.

Rebecca said...

You look fantastic! B'Shaha tova, and not a moment sooner!

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

you are absolutely beautiful and that picture is so, so very priceless! i can't stand how cute it is! happy end-of-pregnancy to you! sans lame comments, i *LOVED* being pregnant, too! have an extra sundae for me, okay? :)