Friday, November 26, 2010

A Puzzling Thanksgiving

johA whole day of sitting around the house....with a prediction of crummy weather (it actually wasn't so bad) and not much to we procured puzzles for everyone and it was a big hit:

200 Piece 39 Clues Puzzle (and still in pajamas)

100 Piece Space Shuttle Puzzle (and a smaller one which he put together so rapidly that I had to give him the 100 piece one!) (also in pajamas...their favorite part, I think.)

Putting the same 24-piece puzzle together over and over again...
What did you do all day on Thanksgiving?
Thanks to my Dad for the great pictures :-)


Anita said...

It was a puzzling Thanksgiving for us too! We tackled a 1000 pc puzzle, and got all but 100 pieces done. Puzzles are great to do as a family - no one's conversation has to last more than a few seconds, because you're all focused on the next piece. It's PiecePeace!

JanetheWriter said...

After feasting on turkey and all the fixings, my family, hosted by some wonderful friends, played a great game of Ex Libris (, which proved to be loads of fun. A good time was had by all!

Galit Breen said...

well that sounds just about perfect! we went to my in-law's it was lovely, too. but *nothing* beats a day in your jammys! happy thanksgiving to you and yours, lady! :)