Monday, November 8, 2010

Five is a BIG number

What do you get when you turn five?
In our house, you get to chew gum.
You also seem to be a really grown up little guy.
Tracing Sam's life....
Happy 5th birthday Sammy!

Sam loves dragons and dinosaurs, he's just starting to learn to read, and he is a stickler for details. Full of opinions, he alternates between total devotion and total disdain for his sister and brother. But he hates to be alone - he always loves to have someone around! He loves to play his Nintendo DS and he is very interested in anything technological. He likes to make up stories and he really likes to hear stories. He listens so carefully to the stories that I tell, and he corrects me when I change them. He's not perfect - stubborn and often grumpy - but he's adorable and wonderful and sweet. I can see him growing and changing right before my eyes....and now he's 5 years old!

Coming up tomorrow....his dragon and dinosaur party!


Amy said...

What a cutie. I think 5 is my favorite age. My kids were still sweet and cuddly, yet independent at the same time. I wish I could freeze them at 5!

Mike Iser said...

mine used to be 5, now they are 28 and 23-now we deal with jobs and careers-enjoy them while they are young.

JanetheWriter said...

Happy birthday to Sam...and kudos to his Ima for such a loving tribute. Can't wait to see the cake! :)

Jennifer said...

I wish I could freeze them at 5, anyway thanx for all this.