Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Move Over, Cake Boss - Dragon Cake

My kids (and their parents too!) have all fallen in love with the show Cake Boss. One of the episodes we saw was of a Chinese dragon cake - simply spectacular. I do actually believe that Sam's desire for a "dragon party" stemmed from his desire for a cake like this one.

I'm good. But I'm not that good.

Then again, the internet is my friend. So I discovered this pattern, and it seemed like we could do it.

So here we went...Michael helped with the cutting (he's good at that spatial stuff):
And then I did the assembly and frosting.

And then, voila, an amazing DRAGON cake.
Fire-breathing and everything!
(The fire is fruit roll-ups, by the way...)
Move over, Cake Boss, the Ima is in town.


orieyenta said...

Geez - can you be my Ima too? :) Great cake! I'll never let LO see it or else she'll be wanting one too. (BTW - love that we see the new baby in the second photo!)

Robin said...

Awesome! I want you to make my next birthday cake too - I do cute ones for my kids but no one ever does one for me LOL.

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Orami? said...

The only appropriate response, for a mature adult, is ...

I want one...
I WANT one...
{insert appropriate jumping up and down body motions, whiney voice, and possibly some tears.}

{followed up, of course, by falling on the floor, loud crying, in fetal position}

Becky Ella said...

Wow! Thats awesome Phyl, I still remember the iPod cake you did for me but this one is AMAZING!

tali said...

we made the same one for Ori's b day.
it was a huge success.

she wants the pirate ship next year.