Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Double Digits

From this...
To this...
And all of a sudden...to this:
 Doesn't every 10 year old request a homemade apple pie for his birthday party?
Reads three books at a time
Loves video games
Amazingly proud of his ability to make the baby happy
Never stops talking
Hates to get his hair cut
Has a hollow leg
Makes a mean chocolate chip cookie
Loves camp
Reads three languages (wow)
Sweet and kind and wonderful and caring

I'm so proud to be his mama.


John Sklar said...

I'm proud to be his Zede!

Anonymous said...

Happy decade day! I clearly remember spending the night with my best friend on my 10th birthday and realizing that I was now two full hands old and could also refer to my age as a "decade old". Seemed pretty cool at the time!


Batya said...