Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Parties {Need Advice}

This year, for the first time, the boys' birthday parties are not in exact proximity to their birthdays.

In fact, David's birthday party will be a few days before his birthday.

And Sam's will be 13 days after his.

We've had all sorts of cool parties...

A car-racing party
A monster-truck party
A secret agent/spy party
A Dora the Explorer party
Dragons & Dinosaurs party
even an out-of-the-house party

(and of course, B.B. (before blogging) there were some great parties too - a Lego party, a superhero party, a Lego party, a balloon party...and probably some others that I can't remember!)

But the drama of parties that are not in direct proximity to the birthdays themselves?


How do you handle the "oy vey" of trying to explain a birthday day and a party day...!?


Robin said...

We've always had a "friends party", which can be any day, and a "family party" which absolutely positively must take place on your actual birthday, generally with cake and presents for breakfast (funny how that seems to start the day off right and distract from the fact that the big party isn't for a few more days (or one year 2.5 weeks - mom forgot to order the entertainer in time - OOPS!).

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Batya said...

We celebrate the Hebrew birthdays. Why not teach about the Jewish Calendar?

Alef Bet Jewelry said...

I told my daughter this year, it is just because and that is why hers was a week late. Oh well, when can we stop having parties anyhow for the kids!!! Too much stress and work.