Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping me up at night...

Have you found Pinterest yet?

If you haven't, just stop reading right now.


You don't need it.

This is not the website you are looking for...

Pinterest is my new favorite time-suck place to find cool things.

I'm sure that my calorie count has gone up since finding Pinterest since I see pretty food.

But sometimes you learn interesting things, like this one:
Source: via Marja on Pinterest

How cool is that?

It almost makes up for things like this:


And there are all sorts of funny things like this one:

What have you found on Pinterest?

1 comment:

Ellen Zimmerman said...

Love your post! Discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago. And you're right -- it's a great way to store ideas for things that . . . just nibble away at your time. But it gives such hope that you'll actually get to these things!