Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Twisty Ending

A friend recommended a book on Thursday morning and I finished it by Friday afternoon.

It was quite good.

It was hauntingly good.

I can't stop telling people about it and and I can't quite stop thinking about it.

The book is called Before I Go To Sleep.
There's nothing Jewish about it. There's nothing parenting-ish about it.

It's just a story. (A good story, with a twisty ending!)

I have talked before about how much I love to read. But sadly, for the last six weeks or so, I've been in a slump. A reading slump. Not because there aren't a million good books sitting right on my bedside table or lurking in my Kindle. But because I have been tired and working hard and...I just don't know.

But now? I'm back.


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Batya said...

Sometimes I go weeks without touching a book and then start and finish in no time. I don't buy books, just borrow or get them for review.