Friday, November 25, 2011

Kiwi Bread?

Me: So, guys, I got a new oven. What should we bake to test it out?
Sam: Kiwi bread! 
Me: Um...what's kiwi bread?
Sam: You know, kiwi bread! It's so yummy. Make kiwi bread.
Me: Yeah, that doesn't help you know what kiwi is?
Sam: Yes, it's green.
Me: {totally puzzled}
Sam, after a few minutes of thought: OH! I mean ZUCCHINI bread! 


I couldn't find the recipe that I know I've used in the distant past (um, at least a year does he remember these things?) so I turned to Smitten Kitchen. Her recipes are always winners. This one was no different. Definitely a keeper.

(I left out the nuts and raisins. My kids are purists.)

The only edit I made was to coat the inside of the pan, after greasing, with cinnamon sugar. Which just makes it even better.

Now, does anyone have a recipe for Kiwi Bread?


Batya said...

Looks great. My mil used to make a delicious one. What's the recipe?

Amanda said...

Here's what I use. (or pretty close to it). It works well in a loaf pan. And I don't use dried fruit or nuts either. But I do use chocolate chips :)