Thursday, December 13, 2007

13 Random Things I've Learned So Far at the Biennial

1. Drama is good. A little sparkle and flash goes a long way toward creating excitement! The Voice of God that speaks at the Oscars has joined us here at the Biennial as well. (you know, "now presenting...the President of the Academy the Union for Reform Judaism!
2. There are so many Jews from so many places with similar experiences.
3. Even in California, you need a coat at night!
4. There is a desire amongst the participants (and hopefully translating into the rest of the Jewish community?) for creative and interesting worship and learning experiences.
5. Wearing a badge means that everyone will smile at you. Even if they don't know you. And you'll invite people you've never met before to join your table in a restaurant just because they're also a part of this grand shared experience.
6. Two Starbucks are still not enough for one convention center.
7. The coffee is cheaper a block away from the convention center.
8. The coffee is necessary.
9. Walking shoes are a must for the Biennial. An absolute must.
10. Even with all the potential and possibility of the new prayerbook, there is still a need for handouts. What happened to a Green Biennial?
11. The shopping opens at 11am today. Can't wait!
12. I still can't get over what a room full of Jews looks like. And I'm a Jewish professional! It's pretty amazing to me that I've been a rabbi for almost 5 years, I'm not new at this -- and yet I still find great joy in being in a roomful of Jews sharing in prayer, worship, study....
13. It's impossible to see and do it all!

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the "coffee is necessary" comment! lol! I've been to seminars, conventions, etc and I've felt the exact same way! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Jenny-up the hill
Up the Hill Gang

Anonymous said...

well, I do not like coffee so the starbucks thing would not have been a problem!

Samantha_K said...

Coffee is always a necessity in my world, Biennial or no, lol!
Happy Thursday!

The Egel Nest said...

I love being in a room full of Jews...probably because it only happens rarely and in certain or specific shul or a family reunion :)

The Egel Nest

damozel said...

Sounds like a really fabulous experience. A conference can be such a transformative experience when everyone is in rapport. I haven't been to one that made me feel that way in ages; I am a little envious!

The Flatland Almanack --Damozel (adorable animals behaving oddly)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Uhh, absolutely to that bit about the creative and interesting worship and learning experiences.

Did I say absolutely? Let me say it again please.

And don't forget the singing!

Nicholas said...

But what if you want to drink tea??