Friday, December 14, 2007

I am Joseph!

Judah comes to Joe
"Please, you can't take away Ben!
It would kill our dad."

"I'm responsible."
He takes Ben's life as his charge.
Clearly he has learned.

Joe is overcome.
He knows his brothers have changed.
he cries and cries - loud!

"I'm Joseph, your bro,
the one you tried to sell off.
And I forgive you."

They couldn't believe!
It was like back from the dead.
They were really shocked.

Joe invited them
to come move down to Egypt
and they said "okay."

Jake came to Egypt
to see his long-lost son, Joe.
Everybody cried.

The children of Jake
prospered in the land, Goshen,
and they multiplied.

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Unknown said...

What a great family reunion! I so dig your ku P!

the planet of janet said...

joe, ben and jake? brilliant!

bella said...

I continue to enjoy these.
And after the holiday season has passed and visitors have gone home, lets meet for that cup of coffee.