Saturday, December 15, 2007

is there a best time of year?

boots, hats, scarves, mittens
snow angels and hot chocolate
frosty windows, stew

winter is the best time of the year.

rain and warm breezes
flower buds and muddy shoes
farmers markets return

spring is the best time of the year.

flip flops, baseball caps
sunglasses, picnics, and sun
ice cream, fireworks

summer is the best time of the year.

crunchy leaves, sweaters
pumpkin pie and cool mornings
apples, school supplies

fall is the best time of the year.

part of MamaBlogga's Group Writing Project for December. Join in?
P.S. I was it's haikus for me this month.


Anonymous said...

Love how you captured this. The pictures are amazing. Very creative!

Robin said...

I love it. Great job Phyllis.

bella said...

Wherever we are is the best, whatever time it is, is the best.
And this year? The best ever. As it always is, even when it isn't, it still is.

Jordan McCollum said...

I was thinking just the other day of how much I loved all the different seasons! Thanks for participating once again!

Maude Lynn said...

I love this! Very cool take on the theme!

Jennifer said...

They all are great aren't they?? LOL...

vanessa said...

great post. live in the moment and enjoy each day. blessings friend, vanessa