Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Magical Meal in a Minute - Works for Me!

This week's Works for Me Wednesday is themed...what do you do when it's time for dinner but nothing's been made and everyone's cranky?

Here we go...

1. Open beer or wine, pour into glass. (In a true pinch, drink either from the bottle.) This is, of course, for the mommy, not the kids.

2. Consult Magical Meal in a Minute List, posted in the kitchen.
(click that link to download your very own copy or click on the pic below to see it larger and print it out...)

3. Consult freezer/pantry and determine which one will work. One has to work. Pray for one to work.

4. Create meal in five minutes. Try to make it look pretty on the plates.

5. Serve to the family. Explain to 6-year-old that it doesn't matter what he thinks he wants to eat, this is for dinner.

6. If all else fails...order pizza!

(For those of you who were hoping I'd put together a Chanukah edition of last-minute latkes...I actually ordered my latkes from a local grocery store this year. Theirs are superb and my house does not have that yucky oil smell...delish!)

Happy Chanukah, y'all!

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ellen b. said...

What your having latkes without me. Oye vay girl! Happy Chanukah anyway...

Activities Coordinator said...

I am so printing that up, just as soon as I remember to buy more ink!


Christy said...

What a clever idea. I will definitely be using this!!

For the record, we didn't fry latkes this year either. We are living in a tiny duplex this season and I just couldn't do it to my neighbors! I really miss them, though.

Be sure to check out my Chili Recipe and enter my current giveaway!

--Christy at

Mandy said...

That's a neat reference list! I'm printing this, too! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Robin said...

I like any meal that starts with a glass of wine for mom!

No latkes here yet either, probably tomorrow night.

Mom2fur said...

Happy Chanukah to you! And thanks for that chart. What a cool idea!

Lady Why said...

Magical Meal List! Why didn't I think of that!! Great idea!

Shirley said...

Nice list! I wanted to tell you that I often make the Spanish Rice with lots of mushrooms instead of meat, and it's just as delicious that way, too. I know some people also use beans instead of the meat. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment.

Melissa Markham said...

Sounds like a good plan to me!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear, any recipe that starts with wine for the recipe maker works for me! I printed your list, thanks for sharing!