Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birthday Fun and Games

So Frume Sarah tagged me a while back for a meme of 7 things about me...but since it's my birthday tomorrow, I thought I'd respond with a little Thursday here goes...with, of course, a birthday theme.

1. I really remember the birthday party (I think it was age 4) at home when we ate hot dogs and cake.

2. I have only been in school once on my birthday, during my year in Israel, and I was able to read Torah on my birthday. Just once. I've never brought a birthday treat to school on my birthday!

3. Even my Bat Mitzvah was not celebrated anywhere near my birthday because why have a party in Wisconsin in December if you don't have to? April was the way to go.

4. I have 3 kids but I was only pregnant on my birthday with one of them - the 3rd.

5. I actually have a friend whose birthday is the same day. And she has a twin. So that's three people that I know that share my birthday!

6. When I was young, I had birthday parties at the roller rink, the ice-skating rink, Hardee's, and Grounde Rounde. Then we switched for a while to New Year's Eve slumber parties (the middle school years) until one girl threw up at 3am and wanted to go home. Then the slumber parties took a hiatus.

7. The year I turned 8 I had a princess cake. The cake part looked like a big skirt and there was a barbie-ish doll stuck in the top but she had no legs. The reason I remember this so clearly is that it's also the year that my brother was born and he was only about 15 days old at that party. I remember him crying a lot.

8. One year I demanded a purple cake. My mom obliged but I remember that it was more lilac than purple.

9. The birthday before I got married, my then-fiancee bought me a Palm Pilot. It has changed my life! Digital organization rocks my world.

10. I have attended a wedding and a Bar Mitzvah on my birthday.

11. On my 18th birthday I went to Village Hall and registered to vote. I think they thought I was a big geek but it was a big deal to me!

12. On my 21st birthday, I did the requisite bar-hopping in Madison, Wisconsin. A friend insisted I lay down on a pool table so she could take a silly photograph of me doing something silly on my 21st birthday.

13. I have joked that I received a "directional upgrade" for my 30th birthday. I wonder what kind of upgrade I'll get for 31?

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Robin said...

Ahh, birthday parties at the roller rink. Those were the days... Did you have a comb sticking out of your back pocket too?

Hope this year's birthday is a great one!

Sassyfrazz said...

Happy~ Happy Birthday! I hope you have a super day! Fun memories!
Happy TT!
Come see me, too! :)

Moondancer said...

Those are some great birthdays. I live in Wisconsin too so I'm with ya on the rather have a party in April thing.

Happy TT

Head Gaggler said...

Oh yes, the birthday parties are fond memories. We are entering into the purple, princess cakes already at my house. Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Since we are such good friends, I have decided to respond to your birthday thursday thirteen with my own 13 list (in response to yours):
1. I can't imagine you eating hot dogs...ever.
2. I have a summer birthday...never got to celebrate in school either. I feel your pain.
3. Smart move
4. Yea!!! Yael!!!
5. My best friend growing up, Tamar, has the same birthday as you. So now you know 4 people (and, ironically, I know twins with my birthday too! hehehe)
6. Again, meaty restaurants?
7.As long as you didn't rip off the barbie head....
8. I think you'll like your present this year from me ;)
9. I remember that palm...
10. I got nothing
11. You are a BIG nerd...but at least you use it to make a difference in the world! :)
12. I've seen that picture. It's clear that you are not that drunk.
13. Wishing you a year filled with lots of love, health, and happiness

Love Auntie Liz

Ilanna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - MIne is next month - so while I did occasionally have birthdays in school i don't remember celebrating them during school very often.

The big thing *I* remember is the fact that the superbowl always seemed to fall on or near my birthday - ruining parties for many a year because everyone was too busy with the superbowl. Now that it's a week later it's a bit better. :)

Anonymous said...

As the one who planned and executed the parties (though your Dad would like credit), I just want to say that your parties were great fun for me. I especially like the time I fell down trying to help a kid roller skating and my arm was sprained and in a sling for awhile. The 3am slumber party clean up was terrific also. I loved every moment of it. Love, Mom

Keli Ata said...


Paul Kipnes said...

Well happy birthday to you! Mine was earlier this week, and I have 2 (of 3) kids with birthdays during the same week.

Hope your 29th birthday is wonderful.

Rebecca Einstein Schorr said...
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Rebecca Einstein Schorr said...

thanks for the shoutout!!

I loved the trip down memory lane. Many blessings for a happy, happy birthday! I am so glad that we are friends ;)

Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

I had a barbie cake like #7 too!