Monday, November 3, 2008

40 is fun!

My wonderful husband turned 40 yesterday, and to celebrate, we (his mom and I) threw him a party! Originally, we planned to order pizza, but then someone told me about Rizzo's Oven (the link doesn't really do their business justice!), a guy who comes to your house with a wood-burning oven and sets the whole thing up in the backyard. Then he makes wood-fired pizzas, from scratch, right there. Great idea, huh? That's what we thought too. So we brought him in and let me tell you, it was quite a hit!

The weather was absolutely perfect, we were able to be outside all evening. The pizzas were divine!

We had Michael's favorite, carrot cake, of course.

The kids jumped in leaf piles and just had a good time. Eventually, they ended up in our house watching a movie (supervised by lovely babysitting teenagers) while the adults were hanging outside and next door (We are in a duplex with my mother-in-law. I guess that warrants its own post, doesn't it?).

 (I didn't get any good pictures of the birthday boy that didn't have other people's kids in them...except this one, which has this nice glow from the candles. It went by much too quickly to set up the camera for anything special, oh well.)

Probably the happiest campers were my little ones, who just love all the attention of a good party.

Like this:
(Can you see her smile behind the "boppy"? Love the scrunch face.)
P.S. Anyone else using Blogger in Draft? They have made some awesome changes that make it so much easier to put photos into posts. I am really really really pleased. This is what happens when you take a mini-blogging break. Things get better when you come back!!!


Robin said...

Looks like the perfect way to turn 40. Happy birthday to your sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Sure "40 is fun"- when it happens to someone else! ( ;
Happy Birthday to Mr. ImaBima!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

wow, what a cool idea - the brick-oven pizzas! makes me want some and it's only 8:44 in the morning! ;) happy 40th to hubby!
love that last picture. she's soooo cute. :)

Killlashandra said...

What a great party! I love the idea of someone coming to cook homemade pizza at the house in the yard no less. That's just plain awesome.

Rose said...

What an awesome idea!!! Happy 40 to him. and that scrunch-face. I just want to squeeze it!