Wednesday, November 26, 2008

7 Posts about Me....

I've already done the 7 Things meme which is making its way around again....and I've been tagged by Leora and Ilana-Davita. Gosh, thanks guys!

Seriously, though, it's been a while so I guess I'll give it a shot...but with a twist. Here are 7 facts about me as illustrated by 7 of my favorite blog posts:

1. I love to read.

2. I attended rabbinical school at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio.

3. Every summer, I go to camp. I'm such a lucky rabbi.

4. I'm starting to wonder if I need another hobby.

5. I really like to cook.

6. I don't eat meat. (but I do eat I'm not exactly a vegetarian. But I have made soup for the last two nights....yum.)

7. I started this blog on February 7, 2007. I've come far....

(Actually, doing this was pretty informative. I've always wanted to do a "Favorite posts" post, and I don't think this is really it. It was hard to classify the posts in relation to myself rather than just posts that I like. Also, I realize that I don't actually write blog posts about some of the real obsessions in my life right now like Facebook and Twitter...interesting.)

If you haven't been tagged (it seems that so many people have already gotten there first!), feel free to consider yourself tagged and play along.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll post my Grown-up Thanksgiving Seder. Just in time!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along. I like the way you've twisted this meme.

Marci said...

Love it! What a nice way to look back on what you've posted so far. Happy Thanksgiving!