Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marketing -- the Bad and the Good

In case you're not on twitter, and perhaps not involved in the mommyblogland, you may have missed this offensive-to-moms ad by case they've taken it down (I really hope they do), read Amy's post which sums it all up nicely.

It's hard to see a company that's perhaps trying a little bit too hard to be "cool" while bashing a great deal that moms hold dear. I sent them an email and I hope you will too.

On the upside of marketing, check out Sears' holiday campaign.

It's a great "Wish Registry" for military families, including their stories in video. What a great way to get us all to realize that no matter how hard it may be, we all need to pitch in and help out, especially to those who are giving so much for our country.

So go check it out and help make someone's wishes come true.

Five Places I've Been This Week

Jewish Robot (i want one)

The Forward 50

Signs You Twitter Too Much (so far, I'm safe)

Californians Against Hate (I'm not from Cali but I'm definitely against hate)

Brown Rice & Lentil Casserole (yum! Our Shabbat dinner this week)

from my delicious
Where have YOU been?


Sara said...

You're right, Phyl, that ad was insulting and incorrect. Thanks for pointing it out; hopefully Motrin will do something to correct it.

Cat said...

I love majudra.
Couldn't read Amy's links, maybe they are down now.