Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emotional I go...

Okay, so here I go again, it's November and it's time for NaBloPoMo (which always sounds faintly inappropriate to me when said aloud....but oh well.). So it begins. One month of daily posting. That was what got me into this mess fun in the first place - a challenge to blog daily for one month. In that case, it was August. Since then, I've really blogged almost daily. I did NaBloPoMo last year too, and found it to be quite fun to post every day.

And, it seems that it will make up for my non-blogging for the past month!

But....I blog without guilt.

But why is the title of this post "emotional blogging"? I plan to be very emotional in the next few days.

"As we stand at the crossroads of history..."

I can't seem to read the paper or watch the news or YouTube without a little tear in my eye. I am shaking with anticipation for Tuesday's expression of choice. Anticipation, fear, and a suppressed joy. Suppressed, because I am too scared to fully revel in what I hope will happen. This is not a political blog, I do not tell my readers what to do or think. I am an individual with individual beliefs and opinions.

But my emotional cup runneth over.

Today, we celebrated the Adult B'nai Mitzvah of 11 people (10 women, 1 man). Together, they stood on the bima of our congregation and read from the Torah. For each of them, it was a mountain, a hurdle, a milestone. Each of them shared it with family and friends. And I was there with them.

As they wept, I wept. (I told you, I'm awfully emotional these days!)

We are constantly at a crossroads in our lives. Constantly making choices that send us in one direction or another. Each moment we choose the path we will take.

This month in my household is the month of birthdays. Three of us have November celebrations, and each one is cause for such joy. Another year older, another year wiser. The beginning of a new year of discovery, growth and life. We celebrate each other and our delight in the simple pleasures of living.

I plan to cry a lot.

So join me on my November journey. I'll be here often, regularly, I promise....daily, I do believe.

May blessings runneth over.

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Another meshugannah mommy said...

I cried, too. It was a beautiful, moving service.