Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Closed on Shabbat....not just my blog!

Is this a sign you would expect to see at a restaurant in Highwood? (Okay, they claim that it's Highland Park. But I tell you, it's my neighborhood!)
Tonight we finally went to La Casa de Isaac. It's a Jewish-Mexican restaurant that's been in my neighborhood for almost 2 years now. 
The place was packed, on a Monday night! The food, excellent, of course. It was Monday night after a long weekend, so I didn't have a margarita, but they looked lovely. And the sign in the bathroom did seem to say it all: "The only thing better than a margarita a day is 2 margaritas!"
The chips and salsa were on the house and they were fantastic. We ordered guacamole, and mmm....I'm going back for more. I had chilaquiles with sunny-side-up eggs, because they serve breakfast all day and I'm just a breakfast-eating-fool! (Oh, and I asked which was spicier, the red or green sauce. The server then offered me the "extra hot" if I wanted it. When I hesitated, he said he could do "half and half." A wise choice. "extra hot" is not a misnomer.)
So why the Closed on Shabbat sign? The restaurant is owned and operated by Isaac and Moishe Nava, Jewish-Mexican brothers who really are running a family business. It's not a kosher restaurant, although they don't serve pork and shellfish. There is milk and meat mixed on the menu (and the plates) and I'm pretty sure the meat served isn't kosher. (Not that I eat it...but, you know.)
The brothers have made it quite clear, however, that they are not willing to compromise on the Shabbat thing. They're closed. Period. I think that shows an amazing conviction - this is a pretty hard-core restaurant area and I am super-impressed that they're succeeding so beautifully while continuing to be closed on Shabbat.
The food is absolutely stunning. The commitment even more so.
If you're in the neighborhood, please make sure to check it out and support this excellent restaurant.
And that's my Tuesday Torah. What's yours?
P.S. Be sure to check out this week's Haveil Havalim.


JanetheWriter said...

Thank you! This post was the inspiration that led me to deal with a time-sensitive "Closed on Shabbat" issue of my own (http://blogs.rj.org/reform/2008/11/closed-on-shabbat.html). Although it has not yet been resolved, I'm working on it...

Anonymous said...

Jessica from a parent in silver spring sent me this blog entry. I am closed on saturday, and so appreciate reading about others that are too.

i am not jewish but a seventh-day adventist. and i own the children's store called The Pajama Squid located in Takoma Park, MD http://www.ThePajamaSquid.com anyways, i just wanted to say thank you for this post!

Another meshugannah mommy said...

I love that place!!!! You know, Isaac flies his mom in from Mexico every Chanukah - she makes latkes for the restaurant!