Sunday, November 2, 2008

Celebrating a Birthday

A big happy birthday to my darling husband.
He doesn't read my blog so I can say whatever I want to.

He is wonderful, this man.

He is crazy about me and our kids.

He is the most beloved teacher I know, the kids flock to him. He remembers their names and their stories.

He is a collector of lost souls. He keeps track of them, he takes care of them, he brings them into our family.

He is a connector, he brings people together. The ultimate matchmaker.

He is my beloved.

Happy birthday, honey, and many many more! I love you!


Five  Three Places I've been this Week....(from my delicious)

Yes we Carve (this is too funny no matter your political affiliation!)

Tie Dyed Shirts for Kids

Vegetarian Meat Loaf (seriously, this is so good it's going to get its own post.)

This week's Haveil Havalim...go see what's up in the Jewish blogosphere!

you know it's bad when I haven't been anywhere this week!

I think it's because all I'm doing is reading political blogs and the news.

Wow. Where have you been?