Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sea of People, Sea of Change

Sea of People, Sea of Change

We got a ticket to the Grant Park rally tonight. I spent the whole day wavering - go or don't go? (We couldn't leave the burbs until after 9pm - was it worth it?)

Well, sitting here now at 12:15am on the Metra going back home I can was worth it.

I've never seen a crowd like that. United and proud and tearful and exuberant. We got there as Obama took the stage and whisked in to hear the end of his amazing speech. I took pictures (more later) and just soaked it all in.

I will share this one with my grandchildren, that's for sure.



Anonymous said...

I supose it must have been very impressive.
I see you've changed the "comment" settings.

Anonymous said...

See, I told you it would be worth it!! I'm so glad you decided to go. What a great day for America!!! :)

Reiza said...

I'm so glad you went. As I watched, I kept asking, "I wonder if she's there." Dh thought I was nuts. I'm glad you got to be a part of that. This is huge!

SuperRaizy said...

How great that you were there! Definitely an occasion to tell the grandkids about someday!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i'm so glad that you went. i can only imagine how amazing it must have been to be a part of that fantastic energy! :)