Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gift of the hiding

The snow has come.

It's cold, it's slippery. My car is covered with ice.

The front entryway is strewn with boots and coats and hats and mittens. The floor is streaked with melted snow and ice, and the dried residue of both.

The babies seem overwhelmed by it. Coats and hats and mittens, boots and blankets. Multiple layers of clothing making them feel slightly stuffed.

The biggest, though, is thrilled by it. Each time he walks outside, he scoops up some snow to make a snowball. He wears his snowpants with pride, his balaklava with delight. It's never too cold, he plays outside and thrills to the weather.

The prompt at Wrapped Emotions is to enjoy the gifts of the moment. This week has been tiring and overwhelming. It's Chanukah, there's the pressure to make each night special. My middle child has started waking up at 5am and demanding breakfast. Loudly.

Finding the gifts has been tricky.

But they're there...hiding in secret.

Yael giggles when she sees me and dances whenever she hears music.
Sam is newly obsessed with the Lion King and now has learned the joy of soundtracks.
David is thrilled by each Chanukah moment and bursts into random bits of Chanukah song.

I have to find these or the days will overwhelm. Deep breaths...

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AS said...

Me too, I have to find these moments or the days will overwhelm. It's not the holidays but the dissertation, and an upcoming job interview, but still, I have to find the moments to step out of the demands, and regain perspective, or I begin to crumple.

Sheila said...

Wonderful childhood moments! I love that Yael giggles when she sees you - that is so sweet!

The Correspondent said...

Thank you for adding "Five Places I've Been This Week ..." to your post. When I linked to Scribbit, a number of technical questions I'd been mulling over were answered. Plus, she included even more links on the subject.

~ The Correspondent

JenLive! said...

It is so hard to take in the joy of the season. I'm glad Melody gave this prompt. It's a great reminder!

It seems that being a religious leader would make holidays even more strenuous for you. How do you do it?

SAHMmy Says said...

It's so hard to find time to breathe in the midst of the holiday chaos. Sounds like you're doing a great job of focusing on what's important! I'm trying to remember that my son won't care if this year's toys are wrapped perfectly--he'd rather I get down on the ground with him and play with last year's toys!

Wil's Wheels said...

Yes, enjoy those little moments of excitement, peace...whatever comes, deep breaths. I love holidays with the little ones.