Friday, November 14, 2008

Negotiating with God

This week's portion is
very very full of stuff.
A lot to speak of!

God told Abe, "it's time!"
"Those cities are really bad."
(Sodom, Gomorrah)

"It's time to wreck them,
destroy their outrage and sin.
I'll sweep them away."

"Um, God? Are you sure?"
Abe had the guts to argue.
"They've innocents there!"

A bargain was struck
as Abe negotiated,
"Let's see who is good!"

"Are there fifty good?
forty? thirty? twenty-ish?
Are there ten good folks?"

God said, "okay, yes,
if there are 10 good people
I'll spare the cities."

Jewish tradition teaches that one of the reasons Abraham is considered "the first Jew" and given the blessings of God rather than Noah is because of this interaction. Noah doesn't argue when God threatens to destroy the world, he basically just does as he is told. Abraham, on the other hand, has the chutzpah to negotiate and argue with God on behalf of the innocent.

A lesson for all of us to fight for the voiceless....

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Shabbat Shalom y'all!


Anonymous said...

Nice Haiku and greaat explanation.

Marci said...

Love it! I am speaking about Lot's wife tonight (have a bit of Akedah burnout, methinks). Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, my dear!

Marci said...

By the way - I'm planning on coming into town the last week in December - are you going to be around?? It would be so fun to see you!!!

Shavua tov :)